Monday, 30 May 2011

:( BYE!! BYE!!

Fifteen years together and it's time to part.
And frankly I feel very sad because they have been fantastic years, because I have spent with you all best moments of my life.
But we have still some time together, and certainly I'm sure that unforgettable.
I still remember very vaguely that the first trip, I didn't want to separate of my parents and It was hard, and now, I only wish the moment of travel with my year with my friends and we spent great together.
To sum up I have matured very close to your and I can only say "thank you very much" for all my friends, teachers, to all you, beacuse I have been very helped, THANK YOU!


Once upon a time, there was a group of kids who didn´t know how to read, how to write, and of course, how to say a word in english!

Eventually, they learnt about things of school, and things of life too.
Friends, teachers, books, travells...we didn´t know, but this was the beggining of a hole life.

And suddenly, we realised our school time was over.
Now, we face the truth and look behind all this years, which will live forever in our winds, but ever as we´ve lived them, day by day. Friends near, behind and in front of our table, sharing smiles, pocker faces, help, a leaf of paper... Can´t imagine it´s done. It´s passed and we´ve hardly been noticed.
Everything hasn´t been eassy, not everything´s been color.
Hard work, hard teachers and hard discussions with them and our friends. But I think there´s something inside us that somehow, makes us forgive the wrong and keeps alive those things which have been keeping us live, till now.

See you peoplee!!

It's incredible to see how most of the people that started here fifteen years ago have finished together too. So much time.. so much memories.. so great people..

Now, in spite of we have just finished, i hope to keep in contact with most of you because i think it's going to be difficult to find another group so good.

I remember that two years ago i wanted to change of school beacuse here it was said that bachiller was too difficult. If i had gone i would have regretted.

byeeeee :(

Some years before if someone had asked me if wanted to finish the school, undoubtedly I would have answer: of course!

However, now, when this moment has arrived I am really sad, although I am exciting too because it’s said that we are going to start a great stage, I wouldn’t mind wait some years. But we have grown up, we have to say goodbye to our childhood and fight and work hardly because now the things became to be more difficult.

Now I can realized how quickly the time passes, all moments and people who have been in your lives, all things we have learnt.. it has been wonderful!!

And all of you have done these years unforgettable. This is why I want to say to you thanks and I wish you the best, I hope we keep in touch. :)

Sunday, 29 May 2011

See You!!!

In my opinion, all of us knew that, sooner or later, this moment was going to happen.
I´m happy because i have finished school, summer is near and i´m
not going to do more Mª Jesús´exams!!
But i´m really sad because i feel that 2º BACH is like a big family,
we have shared a lot of memorable moments, we have grown up together and i can´t imagine the next year without you. i´m becoming very corny haha.
Talking seriously, i have enjoyed every moment i have been with you and you have teached me a lot of things.
I am delighted to have met all of you. I hope we will keep in touch and w
e all will meet sometime of every year.
See you Mates!!

break dance

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

bye! bye!

Our last year, one week less, we are so stress out that we haven´t notice that we are going to leave the school forever... Two feelings spring to my mind

Firstly I´m a bit sad to leave behind all this memories, moments and teachers since i was three. :(

On the other hand I´m very excited to begin a new stage. In our near future: Mallorca, then a marvelous summer! After that we will begin the university, and if we are lucky enough, studing what and where we want.

Furthermore, our frenship won´t desapear trough the years (hope so). Ilook forward to keep contact with teachers and school during lots of years.

Summing up, thanks to everyone who made my life and chilhood, as well as muy teenage time. I´ve got really good memories. Heartfelt thanks!

P.D Keep your e-mail updated, I will probably send you more vids, of our "Vital History", in which you are part now :)

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

What's next?

After fifteen years with you guys, I can't believe that the course is ending. But now, we don't go back to that unforgetable memories, we have to focus in the present. We are stressed out from classes, teachers and school stuff and we just want to delete everything having fun on the beach, don´t we?

There are just only a few weeks left for that HORRIBLE week, so, despite having passed a rough time a last effort should be done. We must try our best in the college tests (PAU), and then, all pressure will dissapear.

But now I wonder: WHAT'S NEXT? University is waiting for us, where we'll learn and develop our skills in a four-five degree? All in all, our ways will separate soon, each one has his own goals in life, all I want you to know is that I'm gonna miss you so much!.

Summing up, each of us has unique qualities that no one else has, just develop them and you´ll succed in life. And never forget your old classmates!

Monday, 23 May 2011

15 years in maristas with all of you!!!

I still remember when I was young and my parents bring me to school..I really liked it..but's so different lots of exams..too much to know.
But this two years there are many things that we probably are going to remember..
like this hours preparing maristas partys...or just Praga..or all that days that we are in classes having fun alll toguether..all the excursions..the graduation ceremony..and all that kind of things.
we never had problems with none of us..we were friends always..ones more than others but it's normal..
everybody says that this years are the best years of our lives you imagine the others??they are going to be worse...just because probably we are not going to be all toguether again..
ones they are going to continue their lives in other country or in other city..
are we going to see us again??I want to think so..because this years with all of us have been great!!

with this composition I also want to be gratefull for my classmates for the support that they have given to me and for each teacher that have helped me always

thank you very much for all the things that you teach me..the teachers values of life and culture..and for the classmate,friends,you taught me to enjoy all that good moments with friends..

thank you very much!!!!

All my student´s life has been in Maristas.

It´s believed that this school is from preppy, but, I don´t think so.

I have always thought that in this school I must get the best marks, no because teachers give me marks, the reason is because they help you in all they can. And partners, too

When we were young, I waited for be older, and go out. But, now, I think different, now I’m sad for that. My childhood friends will go to other city, and never we will be in the same class.

I will miss you!!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

my good memories at maristas school

I will never forget studing and having good moments at Maristas school.
Already, i remeber my start in the school, when i was a little girl which went with her father very enthusiastic to her first day at school. Then I passed the unforgettable years of secundary, when I made all my friends, who I had very special moments, and also the teachers that help me to get what I am now.
Despite we have a lot of difficulties in our road, we finaly are in the last year, in second bach. That year seems to decisive to our future, and from my point of view our class, in general, has coped with it in a mature and responsable way. These last year it has been crucial the effort of the teachers you, for example, have got that our class has been so interesting, special, and we learn so much
Finish the school makes me feel sad but i will always have in my mind not only all the good friends i have made, but also the moments, the teachers,... in general all the magic of that place
You must think that if one day you feel disappointed, at the end, you will only remember the good memories.


Sunday, 8 May 2011


Only available in YOUTUBE, watch it in HD!

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Violence and sports

Sports can not be always related with violence, only in some cases and in some places like England. In that place hooligans cause very bad effects, in sports and sometimes change a good moment to relate with people in a battlefield.But in Spain it was not normal to have that type of problems and it was unusual and insome cases when they think that there are going to be confrontations at the end there not be and when they think that not at the end happend. And that only mean that football fans instead of bring to the teams they bring to the fans of the other team.

Love Letter

Love? Everybody when they heard that word they remember a moment or a person, bur I never have that sence before I met you. I remember that day as if it was right now. That smile, I can never forgot that smile, you can solve all with it. I can have the biggest problem but at the moment I stay with you it dessapeared.Hours become seconds when I stay with you. I think I can´t never forgot that smile and all that moments and I prefer not to do it because I want you to stay with me, because near you my liger is easier.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

violence and sports

It is sad that great occasions such as world cups or brilliant competitions went usually together with violence, vandalism and hooliganism.

First of all, sport is something which involves big effort, group work, heath, strength, happines and even sadness or decepcion, but it should never involve fights.

Furthermore, it is something for all publics, from kids to anciens. And those supporters and firms which cause so many problems shouldn´t be an example of what a sport is.If they really cared about their team, they would work hard in order to improve everything related with it, in a calmed way, and not in order to destroy it.
What I think is that they just want to have fun, in a way which is not fun at all.

To sum up, each one is free for living sports on their way, but never using violence.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Sports and violence

From my point of view, sports are not violent, the violents are the people. It’s true that all weeks appear differents news about violence related with sports, but they use the sport as the perfect excuse to fight and do vandalism.

In fact, fighting sports and the ones based in physical contact like boxing or rugby are said to be the most honest.

In my own case, i’ve played several sports during my life and i’ve never saw violence a part of the typical pushes and insults due to the tension of the match, but like something unusual.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

When we talk about sports we also usually talk about violence.
Becouse nowadays violence is something common in our society, and sports is a great way to show it. It is always related to men, I must say. I don't understand why they have to show everybody that they support any sport, team, or whatever by the violence. They should remember that although they fight against other people, although they destroy places, etc, if they team wins or loses don't depends on that, only depends on the effor of the team!
And I'm sure that the players of every team don't like that their supporters are violent.

So.. the sport is something healthy, something good, fresh, needed... it must be related to freedom, truth, peace!
I would like to say to the violent people.. Live the sport, and forget about violence! :)

Sunday, 20 March 2011

sports and violence

At firt sight, the film seems that it was about football and violence that do the gang of dangerous supporters of it. However, when you are in the film you can see that it means to say something more. In spite of all the violence, it has got deep feelings of friendship, pride and brotherhood that we can appreciate.
The argument:
First we can see a boy who starts to go with a group of Holligans, after being unfairly expelled from Harvard university because of helping another student. Step by step he begins going out and taking part in this dangerous world. He usually takes part in the struggles and fihts in the street and finally he is very keen on taking part in all of them.
As a consequence of the firm, they hurt Stephen and also their pride so they will have a very violent struggle when Pete died.
Eventually, Mate comes back to Harvard university where he will have to forz the student to confess, that it was him the one who had the some cocaine in his possession.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

violence and sports

There are many people who love sports so much but only some of them change it into something violent.
They fight in order to defend their honor team although that doesn't mean that they are the best supporters.
But in spite of their team preferences, I think that it isn't only stuff of sport, the main reason is to be member of a group furthermore they aren`t only a club they are really friends and they enjoy fighting togheter.
Probably this isn't the best way to show the love for your team because the sport shouldn´t be a symbol of violence it should be a symbol of health an entertainment.

Violence and Sports

I don´t like watch sports at television, I prefer play it with my friends. That´s why I can´t understand why some people become crazy when a match starts or why they are monothematic about sports or how can some guys pay millions of dolars for a football player while fourth three parts of the population live with no more than 10€ per week.
Some people say that violence is connected with sports but i don´t think so. From my point of view, football is really connected with violence but there are no fights between tennis players fans. Why does it happen?
My answer is that television manipulates our acts. if television didn´t exist, there wouldn´t be so many fights because of football.
But I think that I´m criticicing football a lot... There are other countries which have problems with violence in other sports like boxing, hockey or muay thai. That sports make me think that, sometimes, violence becomes an habit and that´s very dangerous because it is more difficult to eliminate.

Monday, 14 March 2011


I don't think that violence can help to solve anything.
If Ieverybody were violent, the intelligence or kindness wouldn't be valued, and only the strongest could win, and I think that's unfair, because there are more important things that the strong of your muscles.
In many sports, violence is something normal. Even there are sports, like boxing, which consists on hit the opponent.
Personally, I appreciate more a sport for its technique and strategy, not for its brutality.
In short, I don't approve of violence as a means of demonstrating superiority, or as a way of expressing feelings and I really hope that violence be banned harder on sports' world.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

violence and sports

I usually wonder why is violence the answer of everything?. Why in team sports such as football, basketball or baseball, whose aim is to join people, it ends separating us?
We become rivals against each other and I still wonder why people behave like that, why does the man, the most intelligent one, and in some countries like England boasting to be the most politest one, behave like a wild animal, fighting to keep his "reputation".
Those firms only care about going to their pubs, get drunk and having a great fight against the other team supporters. And in spite of the effort of the police, the problem is still there.
Personally, why don´t the football players, "their own idols" campaing against these facts? They would probably change their minds.


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