Tuesday, 24 May 2011

What's next?

After fifteen years with you guys, I can't believe that the course is ending. But now, we don't go back to that unforgetable memories, we have to focus in the present. We are stressed out from classes, teachers and school stuff and we just want to delete everything having fun on the beach, don´t we?

There are just only a few weeks left for that HORRIBLE week, so, despite having passed a rough time a last effort should be done. We must try our best in the college tests (PAU), and then, all pressure will dissapear.

But now I wonder: WHAT'S NEXT? University is waiting for us, where we'll learn and develop our skills in a four-five degree? All in all, our ways will separate soon, each one has his own goals in life, all I want you to know is that I'm gonna miss you so much!.

Summing up, each of us has unique qualities that no one else has, just develop them and you´ll succed in life. And never forget your old classmates!

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