Sunday, 22 May 2011

my good memories at maristas school

I will never forget studing and having good moments at Maristas school.
Already, i remeber my start in the school, when i was a little girl which went with her father very enthusiastic to her first day at school. Then I passed the unforgettable years of secundary, when I made all my friends, who I had very special moments, and also the teachers that help me to get what I am now.
Despite we have a lot of difficulties in our road, we finaly are in the last year, in second bach. That year seems to decisive to our future, and from my point of view our class, in general, has coped with it in a mature and responsable way. These last year it has been crucial the effort of the teachers you, for example, have got that our class has been so interesting, special, and we learn so much
Finish the school makes me feel sad but i will always have in my mind not only all the good friends i have made, but also the moments, the teachers,... in general all the magic of that place
You must think that if one day you feel disappointed, at the end, you will only remember the good memories.

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