Monday, 23 May 2011

15 years in maristas with all of you!!!

I still remember when I was young and my parents bring me to school..I really liked it..but's so different lots of exams..too much to know.
But this two years there are many things that we probably are going to remember..
like this hours preparing maristas partys...or just Praga..or all that days that we are in classes having fun alll toguether..all the excursions..the graduation ceremony..and all that kind of things.
we never had problems with none of us..we were friends always..ones more than others but it's normal..
everybody says that this years are the best years of our lives you imagine the others??they are going to be worse...just because probably we are not going to be all toguether again..
ones they are going to continue their lives in other country or in other city..
are we going to see us again??I want to think so..because this years with all of us have been great!!

with this composition I also want to be gratefull for my classmates for the support that they have given to me and for each teacher that have helped me always

thank you very much for all the things that you teach me..the teachers values of life and culture..and for the classmate,friends,you taught me to enjoy all that good moments with friends..

thank you very much!!!!

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