Monday, 30 May 2011


Once upon a time, there was a group of kids who didn´t know how to read, how to write, and of course, how to say a word in english!

Eventually, they learnt about things of school, and things of life too.
Friends, teachers, books, travells...we didn´t know, but this was the beggining of a hole life.

And suddenly, we realised our school time was over.
Now, we face the truth and look behind all this years, which will live forever in our winds, but ever as we´ve lived them, day by day. Friends near, behind and in front of our table, sharing smiles, pocker faces, help, a leaf of paper... Can´t imagine it´s done. It´s passed and we´ve hardly been noticed.
Everything hasn´t been eassy, not everything´s been color.
Hard work, hard teachers and hard discussions with them and our friends. But I think there´s something inside us that somehow, makes us forgive the wrong and keeps alive those things which have been keeping us live, till now.

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