Wednesday, 25 May 2011

bye! bye!

Our last year, one week less, we are so stress out that we haven´t notice that we are going to leave the school forever... Two feelings spring to my mind

Firstly I´m a bit sad to leave behind all this memories, moments and teachers since i was three. :(

On the other hand I´m very excited to begin a new stage. In our near future: Mallorca, then a marvelous summer! After that we will begin the university, and if we are lucky enough, studing what and where we want.

Furthermore, our frenship won´t desapear trough the years (hope so). Ilook forward to keep contact with teachers and school during lots of years.

Summing up, thanks to everyone who made my life and chilhood, as well as muy teenage time. I´ve got really good memories. Heartfelt thanks!

P.D Keep your e-mail updated, I will probably send you more vids, of our "Vital History", in which you are part now :)

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